Learning a new language is a huge decision to make, especially when you have also moved to or are planning to move to another country.  Along with packing your bags and boxes, you are probably saying good bye to friends and family, and learning to 'live in English', if you are an ESL student. Many people experience difficulties making this transition, and are not sure what  they are feeling or what they can do about it.  It is likely that you are probably here because you are feeling this yourself - and what you need to know first is that you are not alone!

 This site has been created by four M.Ed students at OISE, University of Toronto who have lived and worked in countries where  their first language was not spoken, and can understand many of your feelings.  This is a place where you can meet other ESL students who are experiencing culture shock or feeling homesick too.  You can keep a journal to help you record your feelings, you can discuss your feelings and share your stories or questions on the discussion boards, or you can do your own reading using the links on our resources page.  You will find resources there that will explain the stages of culture shock and what to do about it, and how to help cure your homesickness.  The best news is that these emotions and the anxiety you may be feeling are only temporary!  The best way to feel better is to really understand what you are feeling, and you can start to do that right  now.  So, take a look around and get started!
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